I’m moving into Chapter 3 and it’s time to say goodbye to my weightloss blog. I’ll be blogging the next stage of my life at

I’m not sure how much I weigh today, somewhere between 220 and 230lb. I still care, but now’s the time to focus on things other than the scale. Fingers crossed I never have to re-open the blog :-).

Weigh-in 88: Up

Peak: 435lb
Previous: 229.2lb
Current: 233.2b
Gain: 4lb
Total Loss: 201.8lb

Yea right, 4lb gain.

Food wasn’t great; I feel myself starting to slip with my meals and snacks and it’s a little scary. Ugggggh!

Refocus. Keep it simple. Find my motivation.

2010 Review

2010 was an outstanding year. I’ve mulled this over for a while, and I’m happy to call it the best year of my life. I would say that in almost every area I’ve made improvements: physical, mental and moral wellbeing; financial; professional; relationships and family. My self-esteem has grown tremendously and it’s fuelling confidence in my beliefs and actions. This whole experience has cemented within me a growth mindset and I look forward, knowing that I can change myself.

A Mental Trick

Last year I made a list of goals – things I wanted to achieve in the year. I deliberately told no one what they were. There was one guiding resolution: “Tell people what you’ve done, not what you’re going to do“. That simple mental trick made a huge difference and I still use it today. It’s a small, subtle adjustment, but it’s the difference between “I’m going to lose weight” and “I’ve lost 193lb in the last 18 months”.

For some reason this really work for me. It’s stops me day-dreaming and focuses me on the reality of making it happen. Tell people what you’ve done, not what you’re going to do.

Resolutions/Goals in 2010

So, here’s what I’ve done (my 2010 list).


  • Complete C25K – done (I can run 13+ miles now)
  • Take cooking lessions – done (not life changing, but done)
  • Organise my Rugby World Cup trip – done (7 weeks in NZ here I come!)
  • Eat vegetarian 2-days/week for 6 months – done (I am now a fulltime vegetarian)
  • Play rugby again – done (although I stopped pretty quickly)
  • Lose 100-150lb by Christmas – done (120lb+ lost)

Failures (that I’m happy to fail):-

  • Write a PHP framework. Abandoned: life’s too short, I’m betting my chips on Symfony2 (this is a programming/work thing)
  • Complete Justin Sandercoe’s guitar lessons. Abandoned: I don’t want to learn guitar badly enough.
  • Eat at The Fat Duck restaurant. Abandoned: due to vegetarianism

Failures (that I really failed):-

  • Generate ¬£200/month passive income (no progress)
  • Read 5 classic novels (I read 2)


So the stuff that I’m happy to fail are things where I deliberately abandoned the goal. There’s something positive in being able to give-up things¬† you thought you wanted to do,¬† accepting that they are not important or desirable enough in reality.

The two proper failures hurt. They were things I really did want. The passive income is a part of my plans for the future. I want to create income streams that earn me money without being directly related to my time; the sort of thing where you could be sitting on a beach for a month, yet still earn money. £200/month was the starting point, this goal had tranches up to £1,000/month for 2010, so I failed big time.

Failing to read 5 classic novels annoys me, because that really shouldn’t have been hard – I was just lazy.

The successes are profound. Losing that much weight, becoming a vegetarian and being able to run a half-marathon are pretty awesome things. Playing rugby again was a great milestone, but my body just didn’t react well to it ;). Organising my trip to NZ is another big deal: I haven’t been abroad in the last 10 years* and now I’m going on an absolute dream trip. (* until I went snowboarding).

Overall I’m pleased.


So if 2010 was the best year of my life, can I make 2011 better? Yes :). Or at least, I can put in equal or more effort in improving myself and my life, and see where that takes me (as I whisper a prayer to Lady Luck).

What goals have I set myself? Well, that would be telling ;).

What’s The Greatest Thing You’ve Ever Done?

Question: what’s the greatest thing you’ve ever done?

I watched a standup comic use this question as a part of his act, to engage the audience and to base some improv on. Even though this was on TV, I felt a wave of dread come over me as I realised I had no idea what I’d say if he picked on me.

I want to be someone who feels comfortable answering that question.

NR Day 12+13

Whoops. Two days away quickly turned into two hedonistic days away. I’m back home now, safely away from temptation, but the scale says I’ve been a bad boy!

It’s 7pm and I’m ready to sleep for England. Wake me up sometime tomorrow afternoon please ;).


Crap, I totally forgot to mention… I’m going skiiing over New Year!

I’ve been once before, when I was about 16, and I’ve always wanted to go again. Some friends and I will be spending the week after Christmas in the French alps, skiing, boarding and welcoming the new year. Talk about gigantic NSV right? A year ago I was ~400lb, today I’m browsing for salopettes.

I can’t think of a better way to start 2011 :).

Who Am I?


The picture on the left is a few years old (maybe 5?). It was a shot I was really happy with; I think I kept it around to use for a passport photo. The one on the right was from last week, that’s the shot I’m using for new passport.

Who am I?

Physio For “Weightloss Rehab”?

I’ve started visiting a physiotherapist to help diagnose/fix an “injury” in my right glute. I say “injury” because it’s something that seems to come and go without an obvious trigger. In the initial consultation I told her about my weightloss, I figured it would give some context, but I didn’t expect to be the cause of my problem.

She had me doing various movements like walking, bending, squatting and standing on one leg(!). It was very cool how she could demonstrate stuff to me: I’d be walking normally, then she’d say “keep walking, but tell me how your arms are moving”; all of a sudden I’m aware my left arm is swinging, but my right arm isn’t! It’s so weird how we’re not conscious of stuff like that.

This is my first experience with a quality physio and she is blowing my mind. It’s as much mental as it is physical, and learning to understand how my body moves and becoming more aware of certain things. In the last session we did some work on the connection between my hips and my heel; it was just 30 minutes, but when I walk and run I can already feel the difference; I swear it’s already improved my running technique (a nice side benefit!).

Her diagnosis was focused on my glute problem, but more generally she said I had some issues that were a result of an obese/sedentary lifestyle. So we’re fixing up my glute, but also other things like posture and core strength. It seems like a whole different domain and approach than “personal training” – one that I’m really connecting with.

Rehab for the formerly obese? Yea, that kinda makes sense.

Damn Those 10 Seconds!

Today’s run was amazing! Marchy pushed me to run 6 laps of my park (~3.5mi) as fast as I could, we’re going to use these laps as a time-trial to beat each week. Last friday I did the same distance in 37:50 without concentrating on the pace: today I smashed 4:20 off that time, an average of 46 seconds faster per lap! That’s massive :D.

I haven’t pushed myself like that, over that distance, in ages. It felt like I was back doing the later C25K runs – proper effort! I also felt like a real runner, my average pace was 9:45/mi. That should have been fast enough to give me a sub-30:00 5km, but I blew it with a slow section near the end, argh! I passed the 5km point in 30:09, 10 seconds too slow.

Great run though and I’m only going to get faster. It’s been 6 months and about 60lb since I started running. What a 6 months! And has it really that long since I started?