Previous: 266lb
Current: 263lb
Loss this week: 3lb
Total loss: 3lb

Ah, here we go again! This week I rediscovered my old friend the capricious bathroom scale. One day we’re up, the next we’re down, and just when you think you’ve lost or gained for the week, he changes his mind once more! The scale showed a lower number mid-week and there were daily fluctuations, but I’ll take 3lb every time though.

The challenge this week was to focus on the standardisation of meals.

  • Breakfast – 100% consistent. Porridge with chopped banana, with a couple of flat whites coffees.
  • Lunch – mixture of eating at the work canteen – (3 days) and at home (2 days). I ate 1 meal out over the weekend.
  • Dinner – 5/7 meals were “rice and beans” (!) 1 meal out.
  • Snacks – 6/7 days I ate additional pieces of fruit (satsumas and apples). 1 day I ate a cupcake (it was for charity!). On thursday I ate crisps and chocolate from the work vending machine.
  • Alcohol – a bottle of beer and 2 glasses of wine on friday night.

    Breakfast is sorted. I’m happy with the nutrition I get, I like the food and I don’t even think twice about it, my behaviour is fully integrated/automatic.

Rice and beans was a success this week. I cooked the recipe 3 times producing 6 meals. The only day I didn’t eat this meal was Friday when I ate out. It’s easy to prepare, cook and clean. It tastes good enough, it reheats well, and it’s cheap. Longer term it’ll be easy to vary the base recipe to mix it up.

It’s interesting that I was trying to standardise my lunches this week but instead it was my dinners that became “rice and beans” most days. It was nice to come home from a stressful day at work and zap some leftovers in the microwave, or even just cook the dish as it’s so easy. Rice in a pan, chop the onions and start flying them, chop the peppers and add them to the onions, tidy the kitchen, add the beans to the mix. Done – wait for the rice. Mix together. Eat. Snacks and alcohol were good overall. I had one bad day on Thursday when work was getting me down and I hit the vending machine, but otherwise this was a disciplined week.

Next week

More of the same I think. I’m happy to let lunch at work be the little bit of variety in my diet. There’s often a half-decent vegetarian option and perhaps I can mix eating in the canteen with coming back home for some eggs.

Good start.

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