I’m getting back into the habit of posting weekly reflection posts. I’d like to make some lifestyle changes (or tweaks!) in 2016 and I know this is a good way for me to get some honest feedback from myself. It’s particularly useful when I investigate the reasons why I’m not doing the things I want to do. And generally, the process of reflection helps me organise the thoughts in my mind and solidifies my internal narrative. I’ve also enjoyed re-reading some of my old posts and would like to capture “me in my words” at this point in time as well.

Weigh in #2016.0 – starting weight for the new year.

Previous: 266lb
Current: 266lb
Total loss: 0lb

The holiday period has been indulgent but not excessively so. I’m actually fairly pleased that the scale said 266lb this morning.

Next week

The first week back at work. What can I do this week that will help me get to where I want to be? I think standardising my diet was a part of my prior success, I ate a lot of the same meals. I guess taking it to the extreme if you only ate 1 dish every day for breakfast/lunch/dinner, there would be a bunch of “economies of habit”. For example you’d quickly become efficient at preparing that meal, you would remove a lot of decision-making from your daily routine, and I think you’d quickly adapt and get used to eating the same meal. Food shopping would be an easy affair and “what’s for dinner” wouldn’t even be a question that you’d ask. Imagine if you could only eat one dish due to some form of economic or physical restriction (I have a stereotyped picture of people in third-world countries eating rice and beans); If you couldn’t actually eat anything else other than your one dish, do you think you’d have any weight issues? Take out pleasure, choice and desire from the equation, and I think weight-loss is probably easy. This feeds into my “prison theory” – if you locked an obese person in a cage and fed them a controlled diet, giving them no choice in what they ate, then they would lose weight (losing weight isn’t a nutrition problem, it’s a psychological problem). This is kinda what happens with bariatric surgery as well, the stomach is reduced or bypassed so that food cannot be physically taken up.

So, standardising my diet? To an extent I’ve implemented this in my breakfast routine: I eat porridge almost every day. (Funnily enough I also actually had porridge for dinner last night.) I think I could also get on-board with doing this for lunch as well. I’d like to stop spending money on the staff canteen so if I could get into a good “bring my own rice and beans” lunch routine that would help me out financially as well. I found the following recipe and am about to give it a try.

This week is all about rice and beans :D.

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