Both Ends

This is a blog post I wrote 5 years ago. It describes a sexual encounter (cringe!), my first turns on a snowboard, what it was like to purchase my first set of boarding gear (and generally the new experience of buying clothes) and the joy of fitting into a theatre seat. At this point I had lost 183lb. (If you’re a reasonably new friend and didn’t know this about me, surprise!)
It’s humbling to read this back and remind myself what life was like back then and how differently I feel now. The things I said I wouldn’t take for granted… I now completely take for granted. It’s amazing to look back on how this young version of me was stepping out and discovering a whole new world. All the possibilities in front of him, all the novelty in his experiences (he is so cute!). I kinda want to be more like that guy again :-).
When I reflect on 2015 and plan for the new year, I’m going to do so from two ends. There will be goals that I work towards, just like normal, but I’m also going to work on bringing some of those goals closer to me. There is so much in all of our lives to grateful for, right now, without needing to change anything.