W5.D1-4: A Blur

I’m not sure where the last 4 days have gone. Monday and Tuesday were a blur of hardcore assignment writing. I got in the zone and spent a solid 10 hours in front of the computer over each of those days. I completed my assignment and I’m fairly happy with it, which for me is a rarity and a mark that I put some effort into it. My brain is now scrambled. I’ve had two nights of bad poor sleep and despite my efforts yesterday to relax and unwinds I am still in a daze.

Food has been painkiller this week. I equate my level of mental effort with physical effort, and rationalise that I deserve or need more sweets and treats to fuel my body and mind. The scale is well up on Monday and I feel depressed that this could be a gain week.

I think it’s the sleep that’s hit me hardest. Right now I’m ready to crash again and it’s just about midday. My head is ready to burst. Maybe a walk will help.

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