W4.D2 – Amazing day

What a fantastic day. We had some fresh snow!! At last! And what a difference it made to how much I enjoyed myself. I stopped worrying about what would happen if I fell and my confidence soared. One my favourite days on the hill this season. We had blue skies, sunshine, great snow… and a couple of crisp beers whilst we ate lunch outside with a view of the mountains. It was perfect.

Then I came home and cranked out 3hrs of studying. Boom! I feel great.

The way I feel is really interesting. Right now I’m completely satisfied with how I spent my day. I’m going to plonk my ass on the couch in a minute and watch a movie/tv absolutely guilt free. There’s no anxiety about feeling I need to do more today, or that I didn’t put effort into the things I value, or that my time could have been spent better.

Perhaps this is correlation and not causal? Maybe feeling happy makes me feel satisfied… or does feeling satisfied make me feel happy? Or neither. I know that when I woke up I was already buzzing and feeling good. I was Mr Cheerful at the coffee shop on the way to the ski hill. I knew it was going to be a good day – I knew the snow was good, I knew the sun would be shining, I knew I’d be ripping it down the slopes… and the day lived up to my expectations. And then I made it even better and surprised myself by studying hard in the evening.

And what’s also interesting is that I drank beer today and I didn’t eat particularly well. But I just don’t care. All the big stuff was there: exercise, outdoors, friends, snowboarding, sunshine, study effort*, progress… and I feel absolutely exhausted in the sort of way that you know you’ve had a good day. It’s 8:30pm and I’m ready to curl up on the couch. I ate life with a big spoon today and now I’m full.

I want more days like this in my life.


* This is the feeling that I put effort into something. That I worked hard, didn’t slack off, and I achieved something meaningful.

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