Today was great. I went snowboarding with some friends and we had an unexpected powder day. We lapped the Glory chair, crashing through the snow with face-shots (and face-plants) until our legs couldn’t hold us any more. This has been the best day of the season so far and is what we came here for.

My diet on the hill wasn’t great. I had a healthy curry/rice bowl for lunch, but that was followed by carrot cake and a cafĂ© mocha, and then a slice of pizza back in town. And a couple of glasses of beer. To be fair I was famished after the riding and now at 18:30 I’m feeling hungry again, so perhaps it wasn’t all that bad. I’d love to learn how many “calories” I burn during a day like this. Not that it really matters, but just to compare it to other activities.

No study today. In fact this week has been pretty sparse on that front. Tomorrow is a half-day on the hill so I’ll make sure to spend a good 2-3hrs in the books during the afternoon.



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  1. Man, that sounds like an incredible day. I wouldn’t worry too much about the food — when you’re famished, you’ll do whatever you can to get the calories. This post makes me wish I could ski!

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