I’m moving into Chapter 3 and it’s time to say goodbye to my weightloss blog. I’ll be blogging the next stage of my life at

I’m not sure how much I weigh today, somewhere between 220 and 230lb. I still care, but now’s the time to focus on things other than the scale. Fingers crossed I never have to re-open the blog :-).


Peak: 435lb
Previous: 225.8lb
Current: 228.6lb
Gain this week: 2.8lb
Total Loss: 206.4lb


Annoying. It really didn’t feel like a gain week. Food was not too bad. Hmn, scratch that. I’ve just looked at my food diary and whilst there weren’t any blow-out events, every day did have bad food on it:-

Monday: choc-chip shortbread
Tuesday: cookies, chocolate bar
Wednesday: cookie
Thursday: chips, left-over pizza
Friday: biscuits in the office
Saturday: cider, ice-cream, brownie
Sunday: shortbread, huge latte, chocolate bar

This is cool: the week didn’t feel bad, but having a 100% honest and accurate food diary shows that it probably was. I wonder whether my mind is adapting its definition of normal and ok. Any one of those days would normally be ok and I wouldn’t worry about it, but having 7 of them is a problem.

Exercise was better. My running feels back on track and I’m knuckling down into marathon training now. I’ve just seen a friend complete a marathon in a time much lower than he or I expected, which is a bit of wake-up call: you need to put the training in. It’s ridiculous really, every time I go running I always feel amazing afterwards, yet it’s often a struggle to get out the door. Why does my brain have a hard time making the connection between the two things? You hear that brain, running makes me feel good!

The bike riding was non-existent again, which is a real problem. It’s so hard to get motivated enough to overcome my fear and anxiety of cycling on the road. I need a new strategy; I think I’ll try early morning rides this week and see if that works.

Another thing to note, which might be related to the gain, is that I was really stressed last week. The whole week felt heavy, and I still feel it now. The countdown to my trip has reached 2 weeks which is super exciting, but it’s cranked up the pressure at work. Ahhhhhh, only one more monday-morning before I leave ;).