Weigh-in #93: Bottled it

Peak: 435lb
Previous: 225lb
Current: 231lb
Gain this week: 6lb
Total Loss: 204lb

It’s thursday evening. I’m posting my weekly weight now because I bottled it on monday.

Last week, Monday to Thursday were fine, good even, but then I totally went AWOL over the weekend. You name it, I ate it. I’m not sure what happened, but I lost all control. For a moment, I relived the lifestyle I thought I’d left behind. Scary.

Monday came around though, and I’m back on track.

Weigh-in #92: Getting there.

Peak: 435lb
Previous: 230.6lb
Current: 225.0lb
Loss this week: 5.6lb
Total Loss: 210lb

A new low :-).

Food was ok but there were some blips. For the first few days I logged everything using Evernote but then I just forgot to. I’m going to try again this week and see how it goes. Exercise was tepid again. A couple of runs, a cycle, and‚Ķ 7 hours in the pool! Crikey – I guess I’m starting to enjoy swimming (or rather, practicing drills). My bike is supposed to arrive “this week, honest” according to the shop. We’ll see.

Only 8lb to go until probably my favourite milestone. Unbelievable.

Weigh-in #89/90

Peak: 435lb
Previous: 233.2lb
Current: 227.4b
Loss: 5.8lb (2 weeks)
Total Loss: 207.6lb

Last week I was away in San Francisco so couldn’t weigh in. It’s nice to see a loss now that I’m back; that’s a new low weight! The trip was to attend this conference: hhttp://quantifiedself.com/conference/. I’ve got lots to say about it another time, but if you’re trying to lose weight and tracking other variables in your life, you need to check this community out.

Have a great week!