Weigh-in 88: Up

Peak: 435lb
Previous: 229.2lb
Current: 233.2b
Gain: 4lb
Total Loss: 201.8lb

Yea right, 4lb gain.

Food wasn’t great; I feel myself starting to slip with my meals and snacks and it’s a little scary. Ugggggh!

Refocus. Keep it simple. Find my motivation.

Weigh-in #87

Peak: 435lb
Previous: 231.0lb
Current: 229.2b
Loss: 1.8lb
Total Loss: 205.8lb

I eyed the scale suspiciously this morning, my midweek peeks had suggested much worse.


Exercise was mixed this week: 3 runs, a swim and a trip to the gym. Not great but not bad, and considering it was the come-down week from my race I’m ok with how it went. Diet was fairly bad – too many bad choices. It’s a little bit messed up when you know eating something sweet will be a short-term pleasure and you’ll almost immediately regret it, yet you do it anyway.

I have a feeling this will be a strong week.


I’ve always been skeptical when people have reported “plateaus”. To me it sounds like a bit of bullshit that you magically stop losing weight through no fault of your own. But it’s happening to me I swear!

I’ve just run a half marathon and put in a shit-ton of effort to get around the course – easily the most exhausted I’ve ever been. The three weeks leading up to it were all 20+ mile weeks and this week probably will be too. My diet (I think) is sound. It could always be a little tighter, but right now I feel like I’m eating well, drinking no alcohol but lots of water, sleeping 8hrs a day and doing everything right. So why does the number on the scale seems to disagree?

I know there are loads of variables, I know the scale might not be a good reflection of my progress, yet after 19 months of consistent weekly losses it’s frustrating that the game seems to have changed. I’m thinking of ditching my beloved for a month or so. If the number isn’t going to behave, then I need it out of my mind. I can deal with it so long as my expectations have been adjusted: stick to the same nutritional values, train hard, trust the “science”.

Diet is the slightly grey area. I can’t show you a food log with everything I’ve eaten, so I can’t say that it isn’t a problem. This week there would have been a few bad entries, not major things but the odd extra slice of bread here and a biscuit there. I said it before, but I need to really nail that before I worry too much.

Everything else is going great.

Weigh-in #85 What goes up… must come down!

Peak: 435lb
Previous: 236.8lb
Current: 230.8lb
Loss: 6lb
Total Loss: 204.2lb

Last week’s number might have been a little heavy and today I might be a little dehydrated, but that’s the lowest number I’ve seen on the scale yet and it makes me happy :). I cut out all the crap from my diet and lived a clean week (with the exception of Sunday, when I had some naughty food to balance out my long run!). No crisps, chocolate, booze or takeaways‚Ķ funny that I magically lost weight eh?

This week was another ~24 miles or so. The long run had to be done blind as my bloody Garmin decided to die on me (I charged it up, it says 100% full, but then it shuts down). Without knowing the pace, I changed my tactic to run deliberately slow. It was kinda surreal to run 10 miles but not actually be exhausted; my legs ached but I wasn’t breathing hard and my HR must have been in the 150s (I normally finish my runs absolutely screwed with a HR of 170+).

Six more sleeps!