Good Run, Getting Excited.

Did a good 5.5 miles this evening. I set my virtual partner at 8:50 pace and kicked his ass. I had to work on the hills but this morning’s post was constantly in the back of my mind: if it doesn’t feel like I’m working hard, then I’m probably not!

The next two runs are going to be really interesting. Tomorrow I’ll do the “hilly” middle 6 miles of the half-marathon course, I want to find out how they feel before the big day. My training route is a lap where half of the loop is uphill so I should be ok, but I don’t want any surprises. (When I say “hill” I mean any gradient at all! The course is regarded as flat and PB-friendly.)

For my last long run I’m going to try and do 4 laps of my loop (11 miles) against my 8:50 training partner. It’s a big if, but if I can nail that then I’ll have 23 minutes in which to limp home and still crack 2hrs. I’m feeling confident.

Weigh-in #84: Blah

Peak: 435lb
Previous: 235.0lb
Current: 236.8b
Gain: 1.8lb
Total Loss: 198.2lb

Stupid scale. That was a week of 23 miles worth of running! How can I gain? 🙁 It probably had something to do with Easter weekend and chocolate. Or the beers I had whilst catching up with friends and family. Or maybe being at home in my parents’ house, the scene of my obesity-crime for many years (where opening the fridge and grazing is the norm).

Ugh. Man-up FFS! No self-indulgent crap please. Notes to self:-

1) Sort your diet out. It’s no wonder you’re not losing weight when you put shit in your body. No excuses. Have you ever posted a gain when you have a full and honest food-log for the week, where you’ve eaten 100% the right stuff? No. And There’s a reason for that.

2) Keep the exercise up. You’re doing great with the running, so that’s good. But you need to jump all over the weights/swimming/cycling/yoga/physio stuff.

3) Compare how hard you’re working on this now, to how hard you used to work. It’s great that running 4-times a week is “easy”, but it needs to feel a little bit more like hard work. Do you really want it or not? Focus.


Putting my stalling aside, it was a good week for the running. My long run was 10.1 miles in 1:34. The last 3 miles of the race are going to be tough, but that’s awfully close to 2hr pace. I believe!

Weigh-in #80-83

Peak: 435lb
Previous: 232.6lb
Current: 235.0lb
Gain: 2.4lb
Total Loss: 200lb

Hello! It’s been a while.

Let’s address the weight first: I’m up from 4-weeks ago, but not by much, and it’s not something I’m worried about. The reason for missing the first weigh-in was that I was away snowboarding, where our drinking/partying wasn’t entirely offset by the exercise; when I came back I was up with booze-weight, so I figured I’d give myself another week to let it drop off first. That week turned into a bit of an excess in itself. Last week was good, but then last night I ate a ton of food, so I think 235lb is actually a little on the heavy side of things. Bottom line: not a great few weeks but I’m back on plan with renewed determination.

All snowboard activity has now been paused whilst I focus on my running. My race is on 8th May, 3 weeks from now. Last week was 21-miles in total, with a 9-miler on Sunday. It was nice to bang out a decent long run because it’s been a while. The pace was under 10:00 and I think a sub 2:10:00 finish should be on the cards, although I’m hoping my training in the next 3 weeks will magically put me in line for closer to 2hrs, with a 1:59 being my “shh, don’t tell anyone, dream time”.

Generally I’m feeling great and am happy. Perhaps too happy? Maybe too comfortable at least, I think part of my slackness has been caused by waning motivation: I’m at a weight where I can do pretty much everything I want, so why keep going? Everything is still pretty much on course for the big picture though. I’ll be stepping things up again over the next 4 months, training hard and tightening the diet again, before heading out to New Zealand and starting my travels.