Weigh-in #79: Milestone! 200lb lost

Peak: 435lb
Previous: 236.6lb
Current: 232.6lb
Loss this week: 4lb
Total Loss: 202.4lb

😀 I joined the big boys (little boys) club!

When I started this was my first goal. Inspired by Sean, Tony and Kepa, three guys who have all lost 200lb, I set my sights on joining their ranks. It’s difficult for me to woop and cheer about how much I’ve lost, but this is incredible. I’ve lost more than two hundred pounds. Insane.

I also like how the 202 and 332 numbers are going to converge on each other over the next couple of months 🙂

Weigh-in #78: 18 months!

Peak: 435lb
Previous: 238.0lb
Current: 236.6lb
Loss this week: 1.4lb
Total Loss: 198.4lb

No 200lb milestone this week, but it’s still worth cheering that I’ve been doing this for 18 months. Hurray!

The scale isn’t as low as it has been due to a weekend of partying. I’m learning that there needs to be a balance in my new lifestyle, between being fit and healthy and doing the very things that I want to be fit and healthy for. There’s little point losing loads of weight, changing my life and then being afraid of going out with friends because I might get drunk and consume a few too many calories. It’s important to keep the big picture in mind.

That’s my justification at least ;).

Weigh-in #75/76/77: The Missing Weeks

Peak: 435lb
Previous: 238.0lb
Current: ?
Loss this week: ?
Total Loss: ?


The last 3 weeks have sucked for my body. There was a week of conferences and socials, which unfortunately meant boozing and poor eating. Then I smashed my knee snowboarding, so badly that I eventually ended up in hospital getting it checked out (no major damage, just a lot of bruising and swelling). The greater pain was that it took me out of the half-marathon: I cried when the nurse told me there was no way I was doing it. Since then I’ve been resting and trying to get myself back to a good place.

Yesterday I missed my weigh-in accidentally. The other two missing weeks were a little more legitimate, given that I was away for them, but I definitely gained and I apologise for not owning up to that . Today, I hopped on the scale and saw a nice number – I’m below week #74 for sure. As long as I don’t gain, we’ll be celebrating both my 18-month anniversary and 200lb milestone next week. I’m going to bake a cake!

Mmmm, cake.