Weigh-in #74

Peak: 435lb
Previous: 242.0lb
Current: 238.0lb
Loss this week: 4lb
Total Loss: 197lb

Back on track following last week’s gain. I made some tough calls and sacrificed boozey partying for my health. Shocking! Training was good: 4 runs of 3/3/3/8 miles. The long run was the first of its kind since returning from injury and it reassured me that things were still on course for March 6th. The 8 miles took 80:44, which is a good pace for me.

Weigh-in #73

Peak: 435lb
Previous: 239.6lb
Current: 242.0lb
Gain this week: 2.4lb
Total Loss: 193lb

Grr. I’m not sure if this is a legit gain or not, which means it probably is. My diet was loose and free. I drank booze on 3 days, ate chips, pizza, chocolate, crisps and… ok, I can see why I might have gained ;). It was one of those weeks though, they don’t happen often and each time I gain it shits me up and I nail the following week (I’ve never gained 2 weeks in a row).

Exercise was just ok: three runs (3/4/6 miles) and I should have done more. It’s been a stressful week and time just got away from me. Four weeks to go!