I need a diary

Here’s a surprising NSV: my life has got busy, so busy that I need to keep a diary. Sounds like a lame victory, but for the first time since ever, my life is buzzing with activity.

The old me didn’t do anything and had no commitments. Weeks turned into months turned into years, and time was a blur of inactivity. When friends or family asked what I’d been up to, I had no answer; I think I probably fobbed them off with stuff about work, whilst secretly I levelled my Death Knight and raided with my guild.¬†In 2009, prior to starting this journey, I took 3 months off work with the intention of sorting my life out and figuring out a plan. During this time I did precisely nothing. That’s a lie, I watched every episode of The West Wing, but in real terms, nothing. Three months! I wish I could have that time back now – I promise I’d cherish every day.

Today my life is stuffed full of stuff. The next two months feels like it’s booked solid with a mixture of leisure, training, study, work and travel. It’s amazing, I actually have a life.

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