Weigh-in #66: Sex, Gigs and Snowboarding

Peak: 435lb
Previous: 255.0lb
Current: 252.0lb
Loss this week: 3lb
Total Loss: 183lb

New low weight :). Last week was another tough one, I think I managed one run, a weights session and a bike ride. Food wasn’t tracked. I’m still feeling in a bit of a funk.

It was a pretty amazing week though, full of NSV. We had our office’s Christmas party on thursday night, which was a messy affair. Towards the end of the night we hit a club, which was perhaps only the 2nd time I’ve hit the dancefloor in anger since starting this journey. The difference between a 435lb guy trying to bust a move and a 250lb is pretty dramatic ;). I had a blast.

Friday was spent recovering from a hangover from hell. In the evening I headed over to Manchester to watch a Tim Minchin gig (best Christmas song ever). Anywhere where I’d have to be cramped into a seat used to be a huge issue for me. Theatres, lecture halls, cinemas, restaurants, trains, planes, buses were all sources of stress and for the most part I avoided them. It sounds like such a trivial thing, but to be able to sit in a seat and feel comfortable is something I will never take for granted again.

During the gig about 4 inches of snow dropped, so it was chaos afterwards. That made for some really spirited bar-hopping though, with adhoc snowball fights taking place in the streets. After one of these battles we retreated to warm up with some liquor and I spent the night partying with random group of people. One thing lead to another, and I ended up scoring with a gorgeous girl that is so out of my league now, let alone a year ago.

I haven’t yet blogged about my sex life, yet I think “looking better to the opposite sex” is a pretty huge source of motivation for anyone who wants to lose weight. It is for me at least. So here goes. At 435lb I didn’t have a sex life and I’ve been single for eons. Over the last year one of the things I’ve loosely been keeping a tab on is the interest women take in me, and thankfully that NSV has steadily been improving. It’s difficult to explain the changes, but it’s definitely not just a physical thing; the increase in my self-esteem has had a huge effect on my “game”. I’d argue that side of things has increased my attractiveness much more than the physical change, which is a fun bit of irony. I’m not going to blog about this much, but Friday night was a bunch of fun with a stranger in a hotel room. Yea! High-five!

On Saturday I had a whole day of snowboarding lessons on an indoor slope (“real snow”). This was an NSV at every turn. When I picked up my rental gear, the girl asked what size I wanted. Naturally I asked for the largest (XXL) which was met with a scrunched up face and “Whaaat? I don’t think so”. It’s these sort of unexpected, genuine, indirect compliments that are the best. I picked up a pair of XL pants which were too big on the waist, but the L were too small on the legs. Sweet! Next, I went snowboarding; I physically could not have done this a year ago. We spent 7hrs on the slope and I’m now a (really bad) snowboarder.

The next day I went into the ski shops to buy the gear I needed for the holiday. Dread descended over me as I looked at the tags of 36″ waists and XL being the biggest size. Even though I’d just been using “smaller clothes” the day before, I was still expecting that horrible feeling of not being able to fit into anything. I had a really cute sales assistant assigned to me which put the pressure on even more, “please fit, please fit, please fit”. The first pair of pants we tried… fitted. Whaaaaat?! The rest of the shopping trip pretty much went the same way, everything I went for fitted, including dropped down to a L for some bits. I got a bit excited and spent too much money, but so what! I can buy off the shelf, branded snowboard gear. I’m going snowboarding in 7 days. Awesome.

I’m not sure if I’m going to blog much before the new year, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 2010 has been the best year of my life for so many reasons, thanks for sharing it with me. My mission now is to make 2011 kick it’s ass :).

Harry x

2 thoughts on “Weigh-in #66: Sex, Gigs and Snowboarding”

  1. Go you, dude! Nice! Haha. Meant in, of course, the most classy way possible.

    But seriously, that’s such a huge part of gaining and maintaining confidence. How the opposite sex sees you. And apparently they deem you FIT! So here’s a little “GO ON MY SON!” for ya 😉

    Huge congrats on the snowboarding, too. I’m pretty damn jealous, even if it was indoors. And on the clothes! Me thinks a fashion show post is in order.

    It’s been awesome to see your progress mate. You’ve had a blinder of a year, can’t wait to see what’s in store for you in ’11.

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