I’m posting daily updates to help establish a new routine.

Woke: 6:30am.
Food: 2400 calories.
Exercise: AM: Upper1. PM: Swim.

I’m happy with day 1, an early start and two workouts, although unfortunately my calories were a little high. I got hungry during the afternoon and snacked on some crap, then ate a large dinner in the evening. Tomorrow I’ll take in some snacks with me and time my eating better.

The workouts were good. My shoulders ache and my swimming is getting better.

Weigh-in #63: Drink beer, get fat!

Peak: 435lb
Previous: 260.8lb
Current: 260.6lb
Loss this week: 0.2lb
Total Loss: 174.4lb

I’m lucky it wasn’t a gain. Last week was had some bad food days, including a heavy boozing sesh, and some mediocre exercise. It wasn’t all bad though, I did a 10-mile run on the treadmill at 10:10 pace :).

The weather here has taken a turn for the worse: we’ve got snow and ice, which is forcing me inside for my runs. I’d rather be outside, but I’d also much rather be running than not running. A year ago I started exercising by walking on those treadmills; back then a workout meant 30 minutes of walking at an incline. Today it’s 1h 40m of running. Wild! I felt like King Of The Gym, pounding away for all that time, watching other people start then finish their sessions whilst I carried on.

I’m trying to tighten things up again this week. The food diary is coming out again and I’m going to push myself on the exercise front. 14 weeks to go.

Harry The Halibut: Getting Wet

Last week I started swimming again. I’ve just got back from my second session and I still suck. This seems like a good side-topic to blog about, as I’m essentially learning to swim again. Harry The Halibut is a hat-tip to the famous Eric The Eel. I think it’s apt, as I’m certainly floundering at the moment.

The first hurdle was getting back into the water. I’d say I’m now pretty comfortable with the idea of going swimming. Taking my shirt off in public is still an issue for me, but I’m getting there slowly. The fear I now have is that the pool is going to be busy. This is almost exactly the same as when I first started using a treadmill or the weights room: people are going to see how crap I am and judge me! For now, my strategy is to go for the last hour in the day, so far there have only been a handful of people swimming at that time.

I can’t swim well enough yet that I can do an effective workout. My breaststroke is alright and I can knock out a few lengths no problem, but my front crawl is atrocious – and this is the stroke I want to be doing. More specifically, I can’t figure out how to breathe properly. I’m aiming for bilateral breathing (alternating left/right side breaths) but I can’t get it working. One problem I identified is that I don’t fully exhale before I take a breath, so I’ve still got a lungful of CO2 when I try to inhale; after three breaths like that my lungs are full and I have to stop. More generally, I’m not 100% comfortable in the water yet; I panic when I’m holding my breath and I don’t think my balance/shape is right at all.

But I’m already making progress! I managed a couple of single lengths with good breathing tonight. I reckon another session or two and the breathing will start to click and I’ll be off.

Self development rocks.


Crap, I totally forgot to mention… I’m going skiiing over New Year!

I’ve been once before, when I was about 16, and I’ve always wanted to go again. Some friends and I will be spending the week after Christmas in the French alps, skiing, boarding and welcoming the new year. Talk about gigantic NSV right? A year ago I was ~400lb, today I’m browsing for salopettes.

I can’t think of a better way to start 2011 :).

Weigh-in #62: Balance is restored

Peak: 435lb
Previous: 266.6lb
Current: 260.8b
Loss this week: 5.8lb
Total Loss: 174.2lb

A big loss, but not really when you consider that last week was inflated by a boozy weekend. Exercise consisted of a couple of bike sessions, one weights session, a good run and a dip in the pool.

The run was my first in more than a week. I’ve been taking it easy due to my injury, but it was time to get back out there. It was a “medium” run of 5 miles, at 10:00 pace, which I was very happy with. Pace hasn’t been a concern for me until last weekend: I found out a bunch of my friends are also going to run the half marathon in March! I should be content that this is either an act of solidarity and support, or that I’ve inspired them to take part; but no – their participation has now made this a race! I can’t help myself. Taking the scalp of one of my skinny friends would be a sweet victory; I’m such a bad person ;).

The weights session was pretty meh. It was the first in a while also and I could only just finish it. My slacking has coincided with a break in the relationship with my trainer, which clearly has affected me more than thought it would. I can admit that, though, and he should be back on my case again from this week.

A big NSV was getting into the pool. Part of my expensive gym membership is for the pool, sauna and hot-tubs: the places obese people just love hanging out at. The first roadblock I put up was not having any swimming shorts. I decided I couldn’t buy online, because what if they didn’t fit? (Which is retarded considering I have no problem buying other clothes online.) This meant I had to go to a physical store, but, of course, I always seemed to be too busy to make the trip. After about 4 weeks of fucking about with my stupid mind, I finally bought some shorts, and guess what? XXL is one X too big for me! If only I’d have known that earlier: that’s the first time I’ve bought something from a normal store where it wasn’t the biggest size they did – an NSV in itself. Can you guess what happened next though? Those shorts sat on the side for another week. Ugh. So it gives me great pleasure to report that I have now, finally, been swimming. I sucked so badly, and literally – given the amount of water I swallowed – but I did it.

Only 11lb until I hit 250lb, and 26lb until I join the 200lb-loosers club. Get ready, blink and you’ll miss it.

Who Am I?


The picture on the left is a few years old (maybe 5?). It was a shot I was really happy with; I think I kept it around to use for a passport photo. The one on the right was from last week, that’s the shot I’m using for new passport.

Who am I?

Physio For “Weightloss Rehab”?

I’ve started visiting a physiotherapist to help diagnose/fix an “injury” in my right glute. I say “injury” because it’s something that seems to come and go without an obvious trigger. In the initial consultation I told her about my weightloss, I figured it would give some context, but I didn’t expect to be the cause of my problem.

She had me doing various movements like walking, bending, squatting and standing on one leg(!). It was very cool how she could demonstrate stuff to me: I’d be walking normally, then she’d say “keep walking, but tell me how your arms are moving”; all of a sudden I’m aware my left arm is swinging, but my right arm isn’t! It’s so weird how we’re not conscious of stuff like that.

This is my first experience with a quality physio and she is blowing my mind. It’s as much mental as it is physical, and learning to understand how my body moves and becoming more aware of certain things. In the last session we did some work on the connection between my hips and my heel; it was just 30 minutes, but when I walk and run I can already feel the difference; I swear it’s already improved my running technique (a nice side benefit!).

Her diagnosis was focused on my glute problem, but more generally she said I had some issues that were a result of an obese/sedentary lifestyle. So we’re fixing up my glute, but also other things like posture and core strength. It seems like a whole different domain and approach than “personal training” – one that I’m really connecting with.

Rehab for the formerly obese? Yea, that kinda makes sense.

Weigh-in #61: A boozey gain, with a hint of slacker.

Peak: 435lb
Previous: 264.6lb
Current: 266.6b
Gain this week: +2lb
Total Loss: 168.6lb

I went to the England v Australia game this weekend, so it was beer o’clock for most of the day. I’ve also been resting my injury, so exercise was pretty slack. What a game though! What a try! That’s going down as one of my all-time great rugby memories. As soon as the break looked on, everyone was on their feet and going crazy – Twickenham exploded. Bring on the World Cup!

Weigh-in #60: 265 and falling!

Peak: 435lb
Previous: 269.0lb
Current: 264.6lb
Loss this week: 4.4lb
Total Loss: 170.6lb

Alright! My exercise this week was 3 runs (3.5/5/8) and daily sets of pushups. Food must have been good, even though I was away from home.

I have a thing about hitting other people’s start weights. It helps me connect to their story, I can relate better to their weekly losses or NSVs; it’s also another number to hit and celebrate! Steve @ 265andfalling is the last guy on my list, and I now I’ve ticked him off too.

Can you believe it’s only another 30lb until I hit the magic 200lb-lost number? “Only!”. And 50lb until I hit the insane, mind-blowing, “I’m half the man I used to be”. If you go back 50lb in the other direction, that was only June this year; that was around the time I went vegetarian and I was 2 weeks away from finishing C25K. That was like, yesterday.

I’m half expecting this last slab of weight to be harder to shift, “everyone” says my weight loss must slow down. But I look at other bloggers who have gone through the same patch, and they routinely posted 2lb losses. I’ll choose their reality please! My training is going well, my diet is under control and I’m still totally committed. I am going to do this.