Scale Freakout

Last week I lost 3.2lb (277.8lb). That’s a fairly big drop for me right now, so I paid particular attention to the scale, half-expecting to see midweek gains and a tiny loss overall. Imagine my surprise then, when during the week I scale went down to 274lb! I’ve learnt my lesson not to count the number until Monday morning, and seeing how I was already at a loss I didn’t step on the scale until then (this Monday just gone).

When I did weigh-in, the scale clocked up 284lb. WTF? A 6lb gain and 9lb swing from my lowest midweek weight?! That’s just fucked up. I ate a little more than usual after the rugby game (celebratory pizza and a single beer) but it couldn’t be called a binge, and my nutrition for the week as a whole was good. In the vain hope that it was some sort of retained water anomaly, I delayed my official weigh-in until Tuesday, which came in at 283lb – whaaaat? On Wednesday I had a wisdom tooth extracted and my diet’s been spot on – I can’t eat anything bad! Every day I’ve been hoping that the weight will have disappeared but it just hasn’t. This evening I weigh 290lb. Ah come on! That’s a +16lb swing within 8 days.

My best guess is that the game on Saturday + tooth extraction have somehow fucked my body. I’ve not been able to exercise since Saturday, but I’m sure I shouldn’t gain weight on 2000 calories/day, and certainly not the amount I’ve gained. Those are the only things that have changed, everything else has been the same. GRRR! This can’t be fat (God I fucking hope not, lol!) and hopefully I’ll miraculously lose it all one night, but it’s still really annoying/frustrating.

Roll on monday :rolleyes:


On Saturday I played my first game of rugby in 10 years. It was a “friendly” match but the effect on my body was brutal: I was bruised all over, literally from my head to toe; I had monster DOMS in my neck and shoulders; and I aggravated my glute/groin/hip injury. Today is Thursday, 5 days later, and I’m still feeling pain. Was my 60-minutes of glorious game-time worth it? Hell… no.

I was expecting to feel sore but nowhere near that bad. I know that it’ll get easier over time and blah-blah-blah, but I don’t care. I’ve spent many hours since the weekend debating whether to keep playing or not and my decision is to not. The bottom line is I’ve not enjoyed myself enough, in the training sessions and the game, to warrant the time commitment or weekly pain. It sucks because playing again was such a big milestone for me, but the reality is I’m not enjoying it.

It’s odd though, how quitting is so hard, and how it’s viewed so differently to starting. When I decided to start playing rugby the reaction from friends and family was unanimous support; it was also an easy decision to make – I want to do something, so I will! However, deciding to stop has been met with disapproval and frowns. It’s like I have to justify and argue my corner to each person I tell, rather than them just accepting it and saying, “so what next?”.

* I think I might enjoy X, so I’m going to start doing it.
* Now that I’ve experienced X, and I didn’t enjoy it, I’m going to stop.

That seems pretty sound to me, but apparently many people see that as a bad thing. It riles me how some think that quitting is a negative trait, regardless of whether it’s actually a rational thing to do.

Meh, I’m happy with my choices and that’s all that matters really :).

Weigh-in #53: Milestone!

Peak: 435lb
Previous: 281.0lb
Current: 277.8lb
Loss this week: 3.2lb
Total Loss: 157.2lb

Hurray! Wooo! Yipeee! I am below 280lb (20 stone) :D.

Food was good this week, I stuck closer to 2000 calories than 2200, although kinda had a blow-out on friday/saturday with some takeaway and beers. Exercise was also good, six workouts in total (grinder, weights, rugby, boxing, circuits, pyramid thing); I’m seeing improvements in my lifts and times.

This week I will start my studying and I had an idea to “superset” my studying with my workouts. The aim would be to piggyback a new habit with an existing one, so that every time I exercise, I study. Let’s see how it goes.

New Workouts

This is the first full week with my new trainer. He’s putting together session for me remotely and then I feed back how they went. Here’s a list of stuff I did this week:-

  • Functional Fartleks
  • Weights (strength)
  • Rugby training (misc drills)
  • Boxing (HIIT cardio)
  • Weights (circuits)
  • Arm-bike (HIIT cardio)
  • Functional pyramid shuttle

This is pretty neat – seven good workouts. I haven’t done HIIT stuff before, but I am absolutely loving it: pushing yourself to your limit and trying to hold it there is a great feeling. The functional stuff is also new, it’s basically mixing in body-weight exercises with a bit of running, which better reflects how your exercise when playing a game. This really suits where I am right now: I’m fit enough to do these things but they are still pretty hard. I really suck at bodyweight stuff like pressups, but I figure I won’t get better if I don’t start trying.

Functional Fartleks

  • Run hard 2 mins.
  • Jog 1 min.
  • 10 x pressups
  • Run hard 2 mins
  • Walk 1 min.

The workout is 5 sets of this, but replace pressups with some other bodyweight movement (squats, burpees, lunges, etc). This is harder, and more fun, than jogging a 5K.

Varying the workouts is also deliberate: the trainer doesn’t want my body to get comfortable with doing just one thing. This has also helped me fit all these workouts in – doing different stuff makes it feel fresh and fun, and not a tedious grind; I’m actually looking forward to my next boxing session or weights circuit, rather than having to motivate my ass out of the sofa.

The new regime has got off to a great start :).

Inspiring others

Last week I found out my sister has started doing C25K, I think she’s into W3 now; I got a text from her this week saying she’s also lost 6.5lb. My mum has also started losing weight, I make her text me her weigh-in every monday ;). One colleague at work told me he’s going to start running to get in shape; another has already started and is planning on doing a relay-marathon, he said to me – “I told my friends, there’s this guy at work who’s lost all this weight and is now a runner, if he can do it then so can I”.

What a buzz.

Weigh-in #51: good times

Peak: 435 lb
Previous: 284lb
Current: 283.0lb
Loss this week: 1lb
Total Loss: 152lb

The scale hasn’t moved much but it’s been a good week. I religiously logged my food, including macro-nutrients, and my daily intake was ~2200 calories with a 30% protein, 55% carbs and 15% fat split. I’ll be taking advice on my diet from my new trainer, so it’ll be interesting to get another opinion on how good it is.

Exercise was a mixed bag. My 10K last week really shafted my legs, it was a great achievement but one that came with a cost! On tuesday I pulled out of the rugby training because they were too sore, and then have rested them since. However, that hasn’t stopped me working out! On wednesday I was introduced to “The Grinder”, a HIIT session using an arm-bike at the gym; I have new-found respect for that piece of equipment! On tues/thurs I did weights sessions, which were about testing my strength so that he can calibrate a program for me, and finished the week up with some boxing (bag work), again another HIIT session.

My legs are feeling better, although not 100%, so I’ll be back running/training this wek. We’ve basically scrapped the running that I was doing, including the long run, and replaced them with various HIIT routines. I’m happy with this: whilst I still want to do the half-marathon it’s more about ticking a box, whereas the rugby-related/functional training is something I will enjoy doing for its own sake.

This week is primed to be a good one: 2x HIIT, 2x weights, 2x club-training and then a match at the weekend. Fingers crossed my legs hold up and I remain injury free.