Weigh-in #44: Milestone! Under 300lb

Peak: 435 lb
Previous: 300.0lb
Current: 296.8lb
Loss this week: 3.2lb
Total Loss: 138.2lb

Somebody pinch me, I’m actually doing this, for real. Goodbye 300! /wave

Have an awesome week :).

5 thoughts on “Weigh-in #44: Milestone! Under 300lb”

  1. WOW! That’s terrific news! I’m absolutely delighted for you. 🙂 It’s amazing how important those weigh-in milestones are… I’m looking forward to some NSVs soon – it’s about time! 😉

  2. I read, but rarely comment. However, this deserves a big contrats! I’m also very happy for your C25K graduation as well…welcome to the family. And also very impressed by your return to the weights (your following post). You deserve your good progress.

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