Weigh-in #42: Last week in 300s?

Peak: 435 lb
Previous: 305.2lb
Current: 302.0lb
Loss this week: 3.2lb
Total Loss: 133lb

Yea! This week I tried a little harder with my food and the reward is another good number. Exercise was 3 runs (two 3 miles and one 1.8 miles).

This week I’m finally going to make myself get back into lifting weights, now that my excuse of doing C25K is no longer tenable ;). I’m still going to keep my running up and I’m still going to try and do 3 runs a week; I told my sister that I was going to run the Bath Half (she did it this year), so now it’s “official” and I can’t back out of it ‚Äî accountability to others works. I think I’ll have to introduce some morning runs to fit it all in, but I do like the idea of being the type of person who gets up early to go running.

I’m a little bit nervous of going below 300lb. When you see someone in the movies cracking a combination lock they always get the numbers one at a time. *Click* – 2. Now I’ve only got the other digits to worry about.

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