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July 2010


I love this.

For years I ribbed some of my vain friends, who would obsess over every strand of hair before a night out; I just didn’t really get it. I understand wanting to look good, but for me, having a nice haircut was the least of my worries: no matter how much you polish a turd, it’s still a turd.

I’ve posted before about my NSV with having my haircut:-

Yea, I’m definitely getting a little too excited about a haircut, but to me it’s way more than just that: it’s about enjoying being pampered, caring about my appearance and sitting in front of the mirror and liking the person you’re looking at. Something that I used to hate has been transformed into something that I really enjoyed, that’s priceless.

Since then Charlie has been guiding me on my style and I’m loving the results. I’ve definitely reached a tipping point in my perception of my appearance, I enjoy looking at pictures of myself ‚Äîthe cringing and embarrassment has been replaced by awe. As I typed “awe” I was going to write a sidenote mocking myself: “dude, did you really just say you look at yourself in awe?”; but actually I think that’s pretty true! (Dude, did you really just write a sentence affirming how, truly awe-inspiring you are? ;)).

This is a huge deal though. I hated having my picture taken and its inevitable tagging on Facebook (where as a matter of principal I don’t de-tag myself). I’m pretty sure all obese people feel the same and getting here feels like a major milestone. It feels great.

For a comparison here’s a before picture from NYE 2007:-

NYE 2007
NYE 2007


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