Back On The Weights

Ohhh yeah: just did my first weights session since I started C25K a few months’ ago. At the time I was struggling to do more than 4 workouts a week, so I decided to commit fully to the running and dropped the lifting. Now it’s time to pick it up again; I’m going to try hard to fit my 3 weights + 3 runs into the week, the only thing stopping me from doing this is me.

I need to stop bullshitting myself that my evenings are busy when they are not: if I want to really want it bad enough then I can make the time. And I do want it: I want to be strong for sport, strong for my bodyweight and I want to have an aesthetic physique. I’m feeling a boost of motivational energy at the moment: I’ve beaten C25K, I’ve crashed through 300lb and I can take on the world!


2 thoughts on “Back On The Weights”

  1. β€šΓ„ΒΆ and I just registered for the Bath Half. I have 7 months to go from being able to run 3-miles to 13-miles πŸ™‚

  2. According to this bloke here you should be able to get better at running by doing strength training. Personally I just get a massive kick out of putting the barbell on my shoulders and doing proper squats and deadlifts. Sooooo cool.

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