Weigh-in #45

Peak: 435 lb
Previous: 296.8lb
Current: 296.0lb
Loss this week: 0.8lb
Total Loss: 139lb

I’m not sure why it’s less than a pound this week, although I did eat a bunch of crap this weekend that can’t have helped :).

I’m taking a week off the running due to a nasty blister on my heal (caused by wearing some new shoes that really didn’t fit). Maybe this will help kickstart my weights again; I did one session last week but am still finding it tough to get back into the groove.

New photo

July 2010


I love this.

For years I ribbed some of my vain friends, who would obsess over every strand of hair before a night out; I just didn’t really get it. I understand wanting to look good, but for me, having a nice haircut was the least of my worries: no matter how much you polish a turd, it’s still a turd.

I’ve posted before about my NSV with having my haircut:-

Yea, I’m definitely getting a little too excited about a haircut, but to me it’s way more than just that: it’s about enjoying being pampered, caring about my appearance and sitting in front of the mirror and liking the person you’re looking at. Something that I used to hate has been transformed into something that I really enjoyed, that’s priceless.

Since then Charlie has been guiding me on my style and I’m loving the results. I’ve definitely reached a tipping point in my perception of my appearance, I enjoy looking at pictures of myself ‚Äîthe cringing and embarrassment has been replaced by awe. As I typed “awe” I was going to write a sidenote mocking myself: “dude, did you really just say you look at yourself in awe?”; but actually I think that’s pretty true! (Dude, did you really just write a sentence affirming how, truly awe-inspiring you are? ;)).

This is a huge deal though. I hated having my picture taken and its inevitable tagging on Facebook (where as a matter of principal I don’t de-tag myself). I’m pretty sure all obese people feel the same and getting here feels like a major milestone. It feels great.

For a comparison here’s a before picture from NYE 2007:-

NYE 2007
NYE 2007


Best run yet

Just got back from my best run yet :D.

On monday I ran my loop at a slow pace, deliberately trying to keep my heart rate down. I’ve been setting-off too fast and this was an experiment in going out slow. In total I ran jogged for 41-minutes at 13′ pace. It was hot and humid and at the end I felt surprisingly tired, but that is the longest I’ve ever run for, and the most calorie-burning exercise I’ve done since starting (800+, apparently).

Today I wanted to pick up the pace a little. I set my Garmin partner to 12′ pace but quickly settled into 11’30”. Things felt normal at halfway (lap 3 of 6) and I was readying myself for the onset of fatigue, but it never showed up. Something awesome then started happening: I “zoned out” and I forgot that I was running. It was like when you’re on a long drive, you don’t concentrate on “driving” the whole time and your mind wanders on to other things, like talking with someone, listening to the radio or just thinking about stuff. Up until that point, whenever I’ve run my mind was focused on the running: posture, pace, breathing, rhythm, foot-strike, the burn, sweating, “just keep moving”. All of a sudden that stuff faded away and I started thinking about a new blog I’m going to start; what theme shall I use? Maybe Tumblr instead of WordPress; shall I share it with my family/friends/colleagues this time? Woah – I’m still running! I finished the laps with my head up and back straight, trotting along with a big grin on my face (3.5 miles total in almost exactly 11’30” splits). I felt great.

Getting into that zone reminded me of Cs√≠kszentmih√°lyi’s “flow“. When I get into a state of flow at work I can do hours and hours programming, but when I finish it feels like just a couple. This was a different feeling, but I’m sure it must be a related phenomena. I checked that wikipedia page again and there was actually a bit on flow in sports. This quote wasn’t quite the level I experienced, but I thought it was an awesome and worth sharing:-

The Formula One driver Ayrton Senna, who during qualifying for the 1988 Monaco Grand Prix explained: “I was already on pole, […] and I just kept going. Suddenly I was nearly two seconds faster than anybody else, including my team mate with the same car. And suddenly I realised that I was no longer driving the car consciously. I was driving it by a kind of instinct, only I was in a different dimension. It was like I was in a tunnel.”

Back On The Weights

Ohhh yeah: just did my first weights session since I started C25K a few months’ ago. At the time I was struggling to do more than 4 workouts a week, so I decided to commit fully to the running and dropped the lifting. Now it’s time to pick it up again; I’m going to try hard to fit my 3 weights + 3 runs into the week, the only thing stopping me from doing this is me.

I need to stop bullshitting myself that my evenings are busy when they are not: if I want to really want it bad enough then I can make the time. And I do want it: I want to be strong for sport, strong for my bodyweight and I want to have an aesthetic physique. I’m feeling a boost of motivational energy at the moment: I’ve beaten C25K, I’ve crashed through 300lb and I can take on the world!


Weigh-in #43: You cannot be serious!

Peak: 435 lb
Previous: 302.0lb
Current: 300.0lb
Loss this week: 2lb
Total Loss: 135lb

Stupid scale! All this week I’ve been excited, I’ve been repeating a mantra to myself – “Just gotta lose 2lb‚Ķ just gotta lose 2lb‚Ķ just gotta lose 2lb” – ugh, not EXACTLY 2lb, that’s no good! 😉 So it looks like I’ve got one more week in the 300s.

Food was a little off this week, 3/7 days had beer on the menu and I bloated up to 306lb for a few days. I also failed to get back into the weight lifting, so it hasn’t been a great one; I thought it would be really easy, seeing as though I’m now the master of my destiny and Mr. Willpower, but I didn’t go the gym once. Grr.

5-more weeks until my birthday and 9-more until my “rebirthday” (the date I started this whole thing). I’m still on track to hit 279lb by the 14th September, but it’s tight and I can’t afford any slip-ups. Just hitting that 1-year point is going to be a milestone in itself as well: a year of kicking ass‚Ķ a year of just-fucking-doing-it!

Weigh-in #42: Last week in 300s?

Peak: 435 lb
Previous: 305.2lb
Current: 302.0lb
Loss this week: 3.2lb
Total Loss: 133lb

Yea! This week I tried a little harder with my food and the reward is another good number. Exercise was 3 runs (two 3 miles and one 1.8 miles).

This week I’m finally going to make myself get back into lifting weights, now that my excuse of doing C25K is no longer tenable ;). I’m still going to keep my running up and I’m still going to try and do 3 runs a week; I told my sister that I was going to run the Bath Half (she did it this year), so now it’s “official” and I can’t back out of it ‚Äî accountability to others works. I think I’ll have to introduce some morning runs to fit it all in, but I do like the idea of being the type of person who gets up early to go running.

I’m a little bit nervous of going below 300lb. When you see someone in the movies cracking a combination lock they always get the numbers one at a time. *Click* – 2. Now I’ve only got the other digits to worry about.

Switch: how to change things when change is hard

This book is great: http://www.amazon.com/Switch-Change-Things-When-Hard/dp/0385528752.

I’ve only just started reading it but the ideas immediately resonate with my experiences in the last 10 months. Definitely worth a read if you want a “psychology-lite” understanding of how we can make our lifestyle changes easier. The authors’ writing style/structure is excellent, their other book “How to Make Ideas Stick” is equally awesome.