A Haircut Experience

I had a haircut today!¬†It’s worth mentioning because this periodic ritual is a good example of how my life is changing.

Before, it was something that I dreaded; I’d often go months between having it cut. Going to the hairdressers’ would involve a small walk, which would be enough to get my heart rate up and me feeling warm. Even if getting there didn’t bring me out in a sweat, my anxiety about sweating probably would. I’d be hot and stuffy, smothered by their¬†claustrophobic¬†cape.¬†Some of my most cringe-worthy and embarrassing “obese moments” have been sitting in hairdressers’ chair, with a sweat on, whilst they worked around my glistening brow. If that wasn’t painful enough, there are mirrors everywhere – trapped and nowhere to hide. Ugh :(.

Things are different now: I sit comfortably in the chair without being hot and bothered and freaking out. I also enjoy seeing myself in the mirror! No longer is it a “fuck me, I really outta lose some weight!” moment, it’s more “Hey! Check you out!”.

Today was best haircut experience I’ve ever had. Normally I’d never go to a “beauty salon” type of place (the scenario above would be doubly worse if was a hot babe cutting my hair). But today I had no choice, the barbers was shut and I was desperate to have my hair cut before seeing my family. So I walked into this new place and luckily they had an appointment free (it’s the sort of place you need to book). I’m ushered into a waiting room area and the stylist, Charlie (smoking-hot and cute) meets and greets me and then starts interviewing me about what I was after (at least it felt like an interview). Uh oh! I was totally out of my depth with her questions. I bluffed my way as well as I could – I know there are only two options when they ask “tapered or straight” so I just confidently picked one. I told her to take the lead and make me look beautiful, which broke the ice and we were off.

We started by washing my hair, something that I don’t normally have, but that wasn’t even an option here. Ah man, I love having my hair washed by someone else, so relaxing. She then put the cape on me and started chopping away. I hate small-talk generally, but we clicked and started talking about life and stuff ‚Äî this might be normal, but I’ve never felt that “gossip with your hairdresser and tell them your secrets” vibe before. She finishes the cut, which felt more like a head massage, and then directs me back into the hair-wash room! Huh? You already washed my hair at the start? I keep my cape on and walk to the room, she washes my hair again, post-cut, to get rid of the loose hair. Bliss. Next she dried it and applied some “product” (technical term! lol) and we were done. Now, here’s the most awesome bit, when I took the cape off I was in exactly the same state as I came into the salon, but with a nice new hair cut! No loose hair on my clothes or head, I could have gone to work or continues with my day. Again, this might sound normal to you, but for me after having a cut I’m usually a mess: I have to head straight home to shower and change my top – not today though! All together this was just a great experience and I’ve booked my appointment for next month.

Yea, I’m definitely getting a little too excited about a haircut, but to me it’s way more than just that: it’s about enjoying being pampered, caring about my appearance and sitting in front of the mirror and liking the person you’re looking at. Something that I used to hate has been transformed into something that I really enjoyed, that’s priceless.


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