Weigh-in #28: Back on track

Peak: 435 lb
Previous: 346.6lb
Current: 338.8lb
Loss this week: 7.8lb
Total Loss: 96.2lb

Food: 7/7. Exercise: 5/7.

Ok, so this was a great week, perhaps the most satisfying so far in terms of the effort I put in and discipline with my food. The big loss is inflated by last week’s gain-that-wasn’t -a-gain, if you average them out it is 3.7lb/week – which is still super.

Exercise was 3 weights + 2 cardio sessions and I felt kicked ass in all of them. I’m lifting heavier weights which is a very satisfying indication of progress. The gym I go to is a typical commercial gym, which means the weights room is 80% taken up by machines with 20% of the space for free-weights (machines are clearly for pussies ;)). I originally joined this gym because it is 50m from my apartment but it’s obvious to me now that their free-weights section is really poor; I’m thinking of moving gyms, but I’m not ready to give up the luxury of being able to pop over the road and workout (that’s helped me a lot, reducing barriers to going). My life gets mixed up a bit at the end of April, so perhaps I’ll try another gym then and perhaps overlap the memberships for a couple of months. I’m keen on getting my deadlift/benchpress/squat technique sorted which just won’t happen where I am now.

My cardio session last night was sah-weet! The gym was pretty busy and most machines were taken. So there I am, this big fat bloke just busting it out in front of everyone. Maybe it was just grannies and posers near me or something, but none of the other riders matched my intensity or duration. I’m sure there all doing there own thing which is great, but as a fat guy it’s a nice feeling when someone normal-sized sits down next to you and puts in half the workout you did. You can call me fat, but you can’t say I’m not working out hard.

On to my food. I already posted how the weekdays went – they were perfect. Those days broke down into 30% protein, 20% fat, 50% carbs which I’m really happy with. As long as my work routine stays the same I know I can keep that up indefinitely. The weekend was also solid but on both days my nicely scheduled weekday pattern went to shit. At the of the days though, I was still on budget and had mostly eaten clean.

So that’s that. Onto week #29 and the first shot at the 100lb milestone – perhaps a long shot for this week but let’s see. I wrote this before I weighed in, 3.8lb this week is totally doable! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Weigh-in #28: Back on track”

  1. I love working out with free weights. My favorite by far compared to the machines, so I totally feel ya on that.

    And on working out next to fit people – ha ha!!!! You know I find I put in extra effort if I’m running next to a “fit” person on the treadmill for example. I’ll go an extra 10 mins longer than the fit just to say I can – and to show them! I know, pretty silly, but it’s true…

  2. Hehe – new personal record! I was giddy about the weigh-in even last night: I had a big dinner and the my protein shake and was feeling pretty bloated and the scale said 342.2, which is pretty much the lowest evening-weight it’s shown all week.

    Getting into the 330s was nice, 338 was awesome. Come to daddy 335!

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