Week 27: 3/7 To be sure to be sure

Alright! 3/7 and everything’s going well. Happy St. Patrick’s day!

Food today was:-

Oats + banana, splash of milk (300)
Protein shake + flaxseed (145)
Almond, cashew and sultana mix (250)
Chicken Salad roll (~500)
Prawn stir-fry (400)
Apple (80)
Protein shake + flaxseed (145)
.. and, of course, 1 Pint of Guinness (210)
Total: 2030

That’s pretty much a flawless day for me. I don’t drink Guinness every day of course, even though it’s “good for you” :). Normally “those” calories would be spent on an afternoon/evening treat. Things are definitely tighter now that I’m eating ~300 calories of protein shake, there’s not much room for me to deviate or indulge, but this is actually ok: I know a candy bar is going to make me go over budget, so having one isn’t even an option. KISS: less things to think about is less moving parts, which makes my weight-loss machine more reliable!

Gym today was 35 minutes on the recumbent bike, clocking in 14.5km on resistance level 8-10 (out of 25 max). ¬†I’ve been biking a lot recntly because my gym shorts are just too damn big for me ‚Äî if I do anything where I’m standing upright then there’s a good chance they’ll fall off! Sweet: even my workout clothes are now too big for me. /dance.

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