Week 27: 2/7. Standardising my food

Rock on! Another day of good calories and a solid weights session.

This week I’m tightening down on my meals, almost standardising them. For example for lunch I’d normally take my pick of 4-5 outlets near work each with their various options, but this week I’m keeping it simple: chicken salad roll from the same place every day. Breakfast is always the same for me (porridge + banana) so all I need to do now is nail my evening meals.

This is interesting. So far I’ve not really done any meal planning and haven’t felt like I’ve been on a “diet”, which I see as being a very structured and restrictive thing. The truth is, I think most people’s meals are already semi-structured: take the average person and analyse what they eat over a month and I’d expect the same meals to keep coming up. We have our favourite breakfasts, the same lunch choices and the things we like to make (or that people make us) in the evening

I’m trying to crowbar the pareto principle into this post but I’m not sure how to phrase it. My point is that the majority of the food we eat comes from a small number of meals. Perhaps 80% of the food we eat comes from 20% of our recipe¬†repertoire/available options?¬†That means you’ve only got to switch/learn a relatively small number of recipes to be able to have a large effect on your nutrition.

Come up with a couple of breakfast, lunch and snack options, learn 5 healthy evening meals and start living a healthy lifestyle. No one’s ever put “dieting” to me in that way before, I really like it as a concept – it seems much more doable.


Rather randomly I stumbled upon a TV programme today called “Diet or My Husband Dies“. For the people not in the UK, which is all of you, you’ll have to try and use a proxy or something to view it online. It’s about a couple where the man needs a kidney transplant and his wife is both a match and willing to donate – however she is too fat to do the surgery. DIET OR HE DIES! lol. Despite the title and melodrama it’s actually a good watch, with a lot of sound nutrition/fitness advice (because I’m an authority on that now, of course!). Lots of chat about lifestyle changes, lifting weights in the gym and, of course, protein shakes! It made me smile when I saw she was drinking them every day, it really does seem like that’s standard practice for healthy living/dieting. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but she loses the weight (60lb or so) donates the kidney and they all live happily ever after.

Bring on Wednesday!

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  1. Is Diet or He Dies a reality show, or is it fictional? Either way, I’ll have to see if I can find it. Your mention of the Pareto principle makes perfect sense – I look at my recipe collection (which is quite the collection) and I make the same 15-20 things on the regular. I’ve memorized most of the things I prepare and don’t even use the recipes. And then there’s my experimental cooking, where I don’t use a recipe at all, and I end up writing it down for later use. But, I digress. In my own journey, I’ve expanded my palate and eaten things I previously thought I hated. I now eat those things on the regular.

    I love reading your blog. Your posts always gives me a good laugh – usually cuz I’m a dumb American and have to decipher what on earth you are talking about. The only porridge I know of is from “pease porridge hot, pease porridge cold, pease porridge in the pot, 9 days old!” And I still don’t know what the eff it is! 😛 😀

  2. I can tell by the “tone” of your post that you are in a really great place–going strong! I can just feel your positive energy. I think you’re right on the food thing as well–we eat the same thing most of the time, so changing what/how we eat doesn’t really involved that much food. At the same time, having a variety of choices is key and important in the long term. But no need to change everything you eat overnight. Lots of time for that. Thanks too for the comment–appreciate your reading!

  3. I am Jen, I’m in an amazing place. I’m walking on air after Bobbie’s comment yesterday about me being a gym junkie: that made me realise I really have totally changed my lifestyle. I moan when I do less than 4 gym sessions a weeks; I track my nutrition; I take fish oil, flaxseed and protein supplements; I drink green tea and buckets of water… every single day.

    I feel like a winner. Mentally I’ve beaten this thing, everything else is just a matter of time now.

  4. I think you are on to something with this. I know that for me during the week I eat the same meals every day just about and only really mix it up on weekends. It’s no coincidence that I tend to lose weight during the week and regain some during the weekend!

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