Week 27: 1/7 and a good start

The last time I pulled out a stonking good week I blogged about it every day. Let’s see if that helps me out this time: we’re going for a 7/7 week for both exercise and food (well, 6 days down the gym and one rest day – I call that 7/7 ;)).

Today was an easy one. I worked from home so had no time pressure stopping me making the gym. I wasn’t up for weights so kicked things off with 35 mins cardio: recumbent bike, level 9-10 resistance and 14km covered in total.

Food has been on under 2k. Lunch was a monster (750 calories) but everything else was good. I still have enough left for my evening protein shake, which so far I’m finding not too bad to drink (although it is a “down in one” process, certainly nothing to savour!).

The big challenge is coming right up: I have my last cooking lesson this evening and the theme is chocolate. Just chocolate. Cakes, truffles, mousse and who knows what other tasty stuff the chef has planned (this is his speciality too). Old Me would scoff the lot as soon as they were made; New Me is going to take my chocolate goodies into work and score brownie points in the office.

Hmn, if I fatten them all up then perhaps I’ll look slimmer…

5 thoughts on “Week 27: 1/7 and a good start”

  1. Ooh, last cooking class! And chocolate? Good thing I’m not around…hehe! Self control is usually tempted when chocolate is involved!

  2. Oh dear, at least one person was piping chocolate mousse directly into their mouth. Tonight was a blast and I only “sampled” some of my produce, just to make sure they weren’t poisonous, or something (I’ve got lots of pics for you to drool over tomorrow).

    Still calling it a good food day though. I skipped my protein shake and my evening meal was light, so I had some leeway for chocolate sampling anyway.

    Bring on tuesday!

  3. I hope you have a 7/7 week this week. Very proud of you for only taking a sample of your produce. I know that when you get up tomorrow and head to the gym you will feel so great about yourself because you didn’t over eat your chocolate treats.


    The Big Mouth

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