1,980 calories – check.
40 minutes cardio – check.

Today went to plan and I’m feeling positive about the week. I hoped on the scale this morning and it was at it’s lowest reading yet, so fingers crossed for a monday milestone.

I took a packed-lunch into work today so that I knew how many calories it would contain; my only other option here is to hit Subway, as they publish their nutrition numbers, and I’m not a huge fan. Lunch was a ham, mustard and salad roll and 90-calories of pineapple. Something I’ve started this week is taking my green-tea teabags into work and having a packet of almonds at my desk for a mid-morning snack. In addition I had another snack (of fruit) at around 3pm.

Even with these extra snacks, I was still only at 1100 calories when I got home. My main-meal was 440 calories and I made up the rest with another glass of milk, an apple and a mix of cashew nuts and sultanas. Oh man, the cashew nuts and sultanas were tasty! My portion was 250 calories but fairly small, giving me a new favourite, calorie-dense snack (ugh, writing this is making me crave them!).

Cardio tonight was great. I got my sweat on and busted out a great session, the sort where you finish and immediately flop onto the machine, holding on to it whilst you recover. Yea!

How did we eat so much?

I’m aiming for 2000 calories/day this week, which is probably more than I’ve been eating most days but still well below the BMR number. It’s amazing

This week I’m aiming for 2000 calories/day. That’s probably more than I’ve been eating most days but still well below the BMR number – I want to try and eat a little bit more and see if that helps get the scale moving again.

Today I’m checking in with 2005 calories and it felt like I had to eat a lot to get there. I drank a pint of milk, had extra fruit/nut snacks and bought myself some turkey breast just to hit 2k, in addition to a decent-sized breakfast, lunch and dinner. And that is still 500 calories below the RDA.

No wonder “normal people” can stay in shape yet appear to eat what they like: it’s not hard to eat well yet keep the calories down. ¬†*sigh* – I was such an idiot to let myself get this way.

Right, time to pump some iron, this fat ain’t gunna burn itself!

Weigh-in #19: Funny goings on

Peak: 435 lb
Previous: 365.6 lb
Current: 366.8lb
Gain this week: 1.2lb
Total Loss: 68.2lb


I don’t really understand it. This week has been good on paper: some good gym sessions and good eating; I was inspired by my previous crappy week and how I felt on saturday, but somehow I’ve gained.

My plan to fix this is to accurately calculate/restrict my calorie consumption over the next week and religiously stick to my training schedule. If I don’t lose weight, then at least I’ll have a base to start tweaking my diet/exercise from.

Annoying, but fixable I’m sure. My 18-week streak comes to and end, boo! 🙂

Can’t walk after squats

Squats + deadlifts + lunges = Owwwie. It’s now +2 days since the workout and my quads+glutes are still screaming at me. Walking is ok, just, but going down stairs is comedy, it’s a case of both hands on the banisters, one step at a time. I actually had to use the disabled-person hand rails when going to the bathroom, lol :D.

It’s a good pain, but damn.

I found a lump

I was doing some prodding around my body recently and found a strange lump. Turns out it was my hip bone ;). Hello again!

The last few days have been good ones. On Monday evening I attended my first cookery lesson (breads and soups). I’m not sure what I expected, but the kitchen we used was really cool; 8x Rangemaster double ovens, massive stainless steel work surfaces and loads of Le Creuset gear. It even had a camera built into the ceiling which could tilt/pan in order to record demonstrations (kinda like a TV cooking show). We make forcaccia (with diced onion), granary bread and a simple carrot coup.

I try not to eat much bread but I do sneak a few rolls for quick¬†sandwiches, or with a poached/scrambled egg at breakfast. I think I could justify the effort of baking myself a loaf each week :). The soup was simple but tasty: carrot, onions, leek, celery cooked up with a bit of butter and flour (a roux, don’t you know, that we turned into a velout√© with some stock!). This lesson was a great introduction and I can’t wait for more; I’m particularly looking forward to learning how to bone a chicken and how to fillet a fish (+ a 3hr lesson dedicated to chocolate!).

I missed my gym session on monday because of the lesson. A weak excuse considering I knew it was happening, but I’ll fix it for next time. Yesterday was cardio (check) and today was Lower2 (check). I’m all over my decision making this week, so far good food and good exercise :).

In addition to getting healthy, the new me is also trying to kick my favourite past-time: procrastination. I have a list of NYE resolutions / goals and every day I’m making progress on at least one of them ‚Äî this is a major win for me and I feel in control of my life. There is nothing I’d rather be doing than what I am right now, and that makes me feel happy.

Shitty Week

I feel like crap. There were way too many bad food choices this week and I’m so pissed at myself. Why the hell did I eat stuff that I knew was bad? Ugh; I feel fat and bloated, my belt is tight. I’m not looking forward to monday’s weigh-in.

“A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” is so true: the pleasure you get from eating is so short lived. If I’d eaten healthy options instead of my indulgences, then I’d feel totally ambivalent about that decision right now. Can you remember what you ate this time last month? Day-to-day eating just isn’t a memorable experience, yet knowing you’ve eaten healthy and are progressing towards your goal is something you can call upon at any time. I need too remember this at those decision-making moments. It might taste nice now, but in a few minutes the high will be over.

All this anger and depression is going to be channeled into next week (starting right now), I’m going to totally nail it!

Back in the saddle

I flaked out yesterday. My lesson was cancelled and I should have hit the gym, but I spent my evening sitting on my ass watching a film. Today I felt the same, I’ve got Heroes and House episodes ready to go, with a side of Big Bang Theory, and I was soooo not interested in going to the gym.

But I went! Yay me. It was perhaps the first time I’ve¬†consciously¬†tried to motivate myself. There are times when thinking about certain things can accidentally get me fired up to do something, like imagining the amazing women I’ll be dating when I’ve got my “Russell Crowe Gladiator” body. Normally this happens when I’m lying in bed trying to sleep, but this evening I tried to recreate those thoughts “on demand” and it totally worked! From my state of funk I quickly changed into my gym gear and headed out the door. It was like I was on auto-pilot or had an out-of-body experince: I just got on with the job, without letting my mind get in the way and question what I was doing‚Ķ I managed to silence that little devil on my shoulder, who tells me all the really good reasons for not going.

Whatever, it worked :). I had a nice 40min cardio workout and reminded myself of the buzz you get after. I feel great, it’s that cross between satisfaction and smugness ;).

Weigh-in #17

Peak: 435 lb
Previous: 373 lb
Current: 367.4 lb
Loss this week: 5.6 lb
Total Loss: 67.6 lb

Very nice! These numbers are getting surreal.¬†It was an uneventful food week, which just adds to the weirdness: it doesn’t feel like I’m “on a diet” anymore, but I must be doing something right.

The workouts start again now, ahem, well actually tomorrow. Today is a busy day at work and I have my first cooking lesson this evening (6:30pm – 9:30pm) so there’s not much time. I know it’s an excuse but it’s a fairly honest one. This is the course I’m taking, I can’t wait!

Edit: the start of my course got postponed to next week due to the weather, boo! That means I can pump some iron tonight‚Ķ urm, yay? 🙂