Weigh-in #11

Peak: 435 lb
Previous: 395.2 lb
Current: 391.2 lb
Loss this week: 4 lb
Total Loss: 43.8 lb

Alright! Another week of good eating let down slightly by a lack of excercise, but a loss is a loss (and four pounds is great!).

I’ve got an appointment with a trainer on wednesday to go over my weights routine. It’s one that I’ve had for a while, but have been too chicken to get into. It’s all free-weights and I don’t want to look like a plonker and do it all wrong. In the session we’re going to go over the movements which will hopefully get rid of that excuse.

Three more weeks until Christmas and my target of a 4-stone loss. If I keep up this pace I should hit it.

Treating myself: but what to choose?

I was in the supermarket this evening and wanted to treat myself. Every time I picked up an item I’d check its nutrition details and decide that it wasn’t good enough “value for calories”. Big bar of chocolate for 500? No way. Chocolate croissant for 300? Rip off. I was actually struggling to find something to treat myself with: there wasn’t anything that I wanted enough to justify the extra calories. COOL! I should have bought nothing, but in the end I picked up some mince-pies (and custard!). And whilst they did taste good immediately afterwards I realised they didn’t taste “500 calories good”.

For me this is a really telling shift in my behaviour. To find it difficult to buy “naughty” food is a great place to be. As I browsed the aisles I also checked out the stuff that I would have bought a couple of months back and was amazed (and repulsed) that I wouldn’t think twice about chowing down on 2000+ calories of crap in addition to an evening meal. It felt liberating to hold that banana cake in my hand and have absolutely no intention of putting it in my basket 🙂

My “supermarket discipline” is doing well but I’ve still got zero little self-control once the food is in the cupboards. My mince pies came in a 4-pack and after eating two I later had a major craving for the rest.¬†I didn’t trust myself and in a moment of strength I spoiled the pies by drowning them in the sink! A little dramatic, but it got the job done.

Psyching myself up for a good weekend now, bring on monday.